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Kings and Queens is dedicated and passionate about sport and supports athlete strength & conditioning, the sailing community & gymnastic tumbling. Kings and Queens sports academy has a sailing team made up of developing, inspiring, and ambitious individuals that have competed in performance yachts at international level and national level. They have won national championships and they are developing their sailing skills. We also have some new entrants tumblers wanting to excel at competitions and athletes who want to reach optimal performance with strength and conditioning programs to assist in developing your potential. From the Kings & Queens Sports Academy Team you can learn the basics of sailing or gymnastic tumbling, improve your skills, or get competitive at national championships. For children or adults.

You can make contact with them to get great coaching by completing the Contact Form and email it to us, or you can watch some of the great sail coaching videos that will be made available below.


Video of the latest training in the 470


Kings & Queens sailing experience:

  • Phase 2, Frostply, J14, Flying15, 470, 18' skiff

  • Recreation

  • Regional champs

  • National champs

  • World champs


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