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Avoid the need for travel time and expense with hearing conference presentations from researchers around the world. Use the blog to comment on others research. Or present your research paper to gain valuable reviewing, feedback, and constructive critique here with an online conference, then consider submitting to a journal. Upload your video presentation to gain an output. Or use the conference to network. Enquire if you need a video recorder for recording your presentation.

You can view conference papers here anytime, and you can upload papers here anytime until the close of the academic year. With the feedback from this conference the paper could be developed further for journal submission.

Record and submit your video conference presentation NOW.

We invite and encourage conference paper submissions from early career and also established researchers from all business and management subjects, particularly accounting, finance, economics, marketing, human resources, operations, CSR, sport management, research, and business education.

Record and submit your video conference presentation NOW.


Video record your presentation with a maximum of 15 minutes. In the recording include yourself and slides if applicable.

Submit your conference video to

All submitted papers will be reviewed and the author emailed the outcome. Accepted videos will be made available for viewing here until the end of the calendar year.

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Adrian France  Conference Manager  Kings & Queens

Adrian France

Conference Manager

Kings & Queens

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